Mobile Adventure

If you are running an event or simply hosting a party and you have the space we can bring a number of activities to you.

Corporate organisations often bring us to a national venue of their choice to make an unforgettable and unique experience.

Prices may vary due to location and distance

Available activities for off site venues:

Team Building:

Team Building (based on 10 people minimum)

Ground based team challenges. These tasks are designed to test a group for their collective thinking and effort as well as interactive communication skill. Participants must understand designated parameters and use each individuals attributes to suit the mission at hand.

Each challenge is set to take an estimated 45minutes per team of between 6-10.

Team building can be simple and fun or complex and testing. With hundreds of small and bigger challenges to choose from. Just let us know what you want to achieve. You can then leave it with us to organise suitable task for your requirements.

Segway £100 per segway inc. Instructors

Individuals will be briefed and trained to understand the handling of these fantastic and futuristic machines. Once everyone has mastered the basics individuals will sent around the purpose built circuit full of twists and turns. A truly exhilarating and unique experience and a must have activity for any fun based team building adventure.

All we need is an area that as a minimum size of a tennis court to construct an obsticle course making this perfect for a unique addition to your event. However many venues have access to larger areas to incorporate a full trek.

Please note Segways cannot be hired at weekends or School holidays

Climbing Wall £450 per day inc. Instructors

Great for Fates and community events creating a real attraction to bolster your attendance for the day. This comes with two staff ready to help.

Enhance your event with this fantastic spectacle guaranteed to attract huge interest. Our 30 foot high mobile Climbing Wall has 4 climbs of various difficulty and is suitiable for all ages. We supply 2 qualifed and professional staff to run the event who will be on site for the full duration of your day. They will help encourage all abilites to get as high as they can and get the most out of their experience.

Sniper Range £500 per day inc. Instructors

The new sniper pellet range is a fantastic addition to The Edge Adventure Activities Centre portfolio. Enjoy a chance to complete against each other with the help of our electronic range setup.

After a few practice shots you will attempt to knock down a series of mechanical sensor targets, the Olympic digital timer system will start when you hit your first target and will not stop until the final target has fallen. The system allow accurate competition between group members in quick succession as the set up is completely automated. We use a 10 pellet magazine high powered BSA weapon delivering accurate results.

Archery £500 per day inc. Instructors

Olympic Archery Challenge

Archery is a sport for everyone. It is certainly a test of skill but one that is fun and suitable for all.

You will receive personal attention to ensure that you develop the correct technique to make this a truly enjoyable and successful experience. A 4 targets range will be laid out within the stunning walled garden within the hotel grounds which adds to this timeless art of old.  

Overall, a good event to add a competitive element where everyone can be involved.


Please contact the office for any question on our Mobile Activities.


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After visiting the edge for another year I must say it goes from strength to strength. Chris and his team are fantastic and the facilities are second to none. The choice of activities is varied and for schools we find the resources available and the knowledge of the staff well sited for a fun and educational school trip. The site is well run, safe and I couldn't recommend it more highly. The staff are a credit to chris who is attentive and will work closely with you to achieve the perfect combination of fun and education in a safe enviroment. In short there are many adventure sites offering schools a day outside but there is only one edge and to my mind the edge is THE market leader in the industry. If your looking for a centre for your school trip, look no further!!!!!!! Thanks again


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