Mountain Boarding / Grass Boarding (seasonal May-September)

This is a must do thrill for everyone; young or old. If you skate, snowboard, ski, wake board or surf this is for you.If you don't, this is still for you!

Not as extreme as you may first imagine, like all activities and indeed all learning we start you from scratch and go at your speed.

You will be kitted out with the required equipment of knee, elbow and wrist protection as well your helmet. You will then be given a board suitable for your height / weight.

A full hour's instruction will start you on a very gentle slope where you will travel no faster than walking pace. Here you will gain an understanding of turning and body positioning. Don't be concerned they are a lot easier to control than you may think.

Once you have mastered the basics you can practice these skills in the beginners zone for a further hour under the watchful eye of your instructor. If your progress is of a level that the instructor is comfortable you will be introduced to the intermediate area which has obstacles and more challenging terrain.

Give it a go!

Mountain Boarding Details

Timings Open all day - 10am to 5.30pm
Duration 1 hour based on 1 - 6 people  (upto 1.5hrs for larger groups) 
Cost £20 all inclusive of equipment and lesson
Minimum age 8
Min Group size 1
You Bring Robust clothes
Confidence (if not we will find you some!)
Drink (especially if it's hot)
A change of clothes if weather is poor
A plastic bag for dirty clothes
Directions to your location
Adults to sign in under 16's

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What Others Thought...

After visiting the edge for another year I must say it goes from strength to strength. Chris and his team are fantastic and the facilities are second to none. The choice of activities is varied and for schools we find the resources available and the knowledge of the staff well sited for a fun and educational school trip. The site is well run, safe and I couldn't recommend it more highly. The staff are a credit to chris who is attentive and will work closely with you to achieve the perfect combination of fun and education in a safe enviroment. In short there are many adventure sites offering schools a day outside but there is only one edge and to my mind the edge is THE market leader in the industry. If your looking for a centre for your school trip, look no further!!!!!!! Thanks again


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